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Pest Management

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Residential Pest Management

Most insects live, eat and reproduce in the ecosystem outside your home. In there quest for food, water and shelter, and in an effort to survive, your home offers these same living essentials.

Some pests can damage your home, while others can carry and spread diseases. Unlike the old traditional ways of pest and rodent control, our program is based on a more environmental concept called integrated pest management (IPM). This means we don't just jump in with pesticides; we examine and inspect and consider all aspects of the problem to ensure maximum control with the greatest safety and efficiency.

We start first by eliminating any problems on the inside, completely. We then concentrate on the outside creating a barrier that effectively blocks the insects from entering your home, thereby reducing the need for pesticides to be applied on the interior of your home. And less pesticides on the inside is always better.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program is simply reinforcing those outside protective barriers on a regular basis—keeping your home and family safe from pests.

What We do On the Exterior: We apply a long lasting residual insecticide to the potential exterior access points (where insects enter the home) including around windows, doors and eaves.

Residential Pest ManagementWhat We Do On The Interior: Interior areas are inspected and treated specifically for the pests present in your home. A combination of baits and traps, insect growth regulators and residual insecticides may be used in kitchens and bath areas based on your concerns and the particular pest problem.

Outside Fire Ants: Fire ants are including with most of our service contracts within a reasonable distance of your house.

Our Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the results of any contract service, we will re-service your home at no additional charge. If the problem persists, and the deficiencies creating the problems have been corrected, a Martin Service Specialist will continue to provide service at no charge – until you are satisfied.