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Vegetative Management

Weed Control

Vegetative ManagementVegetation management on right-of-ways, industrial complexes, oil field sites and storages yards – is an important factor in maintaining safety and equipment and aids in proper drainage and site appearance. When vegetation is left growing along roadsides and medians, they can create visibility hazards and obstruct emergency vehicle access. Overgrown weeds harbor insects and rodents, and pose a wildfire threat during the hot, dry days of summer.

Martin Services effectively manages right-of-way vegetation by using an appropriate combination of herbicide controls. Whether you need to reduce highway accidents caused by limited view, or keep railways clear of weeds and brush, Martin has a weed management program that works for you.

Our highly-skilled, licensed applicators are well-trained to provide effective solutions and control. We provide bare-ground weed control in zero-vegetation landscape areas. Our methods provide long-lasting control which ultimately costs less than controlling them manually.

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