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Our Guarantee

How Our Service Works:

GreenWorks Lawn Care

GreenWorks provides a continuous program of lawn care to each customer. That means that we will continue providing our service to your lawn about every other month (6 to 8 weeks), application after application—unless you tell us otherwise. No contracts are needed; your initial approval is all that is needed to start and maintain your service. You can cancel at anytime. You can choose a few applications or all six. We offer a 10 percent discount if you prepay for one year in advance.

What you can expect:

GreenWorks will provide you with the best professional service available. A noticeable difference in overall density and appearance and health of your lawn will occurs within a few applications. Please note, in order to get the maximum benefit from our service, homeowner must follow proper turf management practices. This means proper watering and mowing is required. Each time we apply an application to your lawn, our specialist will leave you a set of recommendations—including proper moving heights and watering requirements for that period.

GreenWorks strives for excellence and customer satisfaction by offering one of the best guarantees in the industry. We cannot claim you will never have any troubles; that's unrealistic. But by working together, we can achieve a more beautiful, healthier and greener lawn.

The GreenWorks Guarantee
Because of our confidence in our program, we guarantee your satisfaction in each and every application. If you are not completely satisfied in the results of an application, we will re-service your lawn at no extra cost to you. Guaranteed