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GreenWorks USA

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GreenWorks USA Lawn Care
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GreenWorks USA Lawn Care

GreenWorks USA Lawn Care

Want A Better Looking Lawn Without The Effort...

GreenWorks USA is a professional lawn care company. Our goal is to create lawns that are beautiful, healthier and greener.

Our Program creates a more economical and effective solution for homeowners to achieve a greener, healthier, more vigorous looking lawn without the added time or effort.

GreenWorks USA Lawn CareOur specialists are trained to evaluate your lawn on each and every visit to look for problems or potential problem. We provide a combination of both weed, disease and fertilization treatments along with special fire ant control measures – leaving YOU to do more important things.

The GreenWorks Advantage

GreenWorks program is lawn-specific, meaning we have a specific agronomic program for each of the grass species. All of our applications are applied in liquid form. With each application, your lawn is fed a unique blend of nutrients scientifically developed. The nutrients are than uprooted within 12-48 hours—so you get and see the results faster.

GreenWorks promotes sound turf management practices. Each application utilizes a mixture containing additives against both turf destroying insects and diseases. The applications are timed based on the seasonal and environmental needs of your lawn.

GreenWorks creates a healthier and greener lawn that is better able to withstand drought, insects, diseases, weeds, and fungus throughout the entire year.

Now serving Shreveport-Bossier City, Monroe, Longview and Tyler.